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Participation fees per person - Future Greenland 2019:
If you register before March 1,  you will obtain a
20% discount.

Please register HERE

Early Bird Registration before March 1, 2019: DKK 3,995
Later Registration, starting on March 1, 2019: DKK 4,995

The B2B Event - An addition to Future Greenland 2019:

Prior to Future Greenland 2019 on May 13, 2019, a B2B event is scheduled at Hotel Hans Egede. B2B meetings between companies interested in having B2B sessions of 15 minutes will be set up.

The price for the B2B event, incl. a kick-off presentation:
Before March 1, 2019: DKK 995
From March 1, 2019: DKK 1,495