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The Greenland Business Association (GBA) wishes to encourage interest in economic policy and social development.

The GBA has therefore established a ‘Future Greenland Prize’ for the best essay at a level corresponding to a Bachelor report or Master’s thesis.

The prize will be awarded at the Future Greenland Conference on 17 May 2022 for the best essay on the overall theme of the conference: “A new growth agenda: What will it take – from visions to action?”

The essay may either be in writing or in an electronic media format (radio, television, podcast, internet medium).


Subject of the essay

At the Future Greenland conference on 17 and 18 May 2022, the GBA wishes to approach a clearer understanding of the concepts of economic independence and political autonomy.

Possible topics for the essay could include:

* How large will the real economic growth of Greenlandic society need to be to produce the new tax revenues that will replace the block subsidy and cover the cost of taking over the tasks currently performed by the Danish state? How much will the workforce and the population need to grow to secure the necessary supply of labour?

* Analyse possible scenarios for social developments when the workforce in both the public and private sectors is expanded to meet the demand entailed by the necessary economic growth.

* Analyse the possible industrial development scenarios within mining, tourism or other industries which with some probability can be expected to generate the economic growth needed to create a sufficient tax base.

* How can the concept of economic independence be defined in relation to Greenland’s extremely open economy, with a high dependence on imports and exports in a small domestic market?

* How can the concept of political autonomy be defined in a globalised world characterised by growing interdependence with regard to access to markets and the achievement of security?

* Describe possible scenarios for the development of Greenland’s public administration structure, if the public sector is to take over all the tasks currently undertaken by the Danish administration – preferably on the basis of a comparative analysis of the administrative structures of other small states.

Other topics that fall within the overall theme may also be included in the competition.


Who can participate in the competition?

The competition is open to all, and the essay may be written in Greenlandic, Danish or English.

The essay must be accompanied by a short summary of no more than three pages, describing the chosen issue, the theoretical considerations and the main conclusion.


Assessment criteria

The prize essay must be written at a level that would earn an assessment of grade 10 or 12 at Bachelor or Master’s degree level at an institute of higher education.

Emphasis is placed on the essay contributing to new angles in understanding Greenlandic society and the process of change that a growing economy and increased import of labour will entail in parallel with the development of new and existing businesses, as well as, in general, the security policy discussion regarding the influence of the Great Powers in the Arctic.


Assessment committee

The GBA has appointed an assessment committee consisting of Gitte Adler Reimer (Rector, University of Greenland), Anne Merrild Hansen (Professor & Head of the Arctic Oil and Gas Research Centre, University of Greenland), Rasmus Leander Nielsen (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Greenland) and Naja Paulsen (Head of Department, Faculty of Journalism, University of Greenland).


Prize award

The winner of the essay prize will be announced at a ceremony at the Future Greenland competition on 17 May 2022. The winner will be awarded a prize of DKK 15,000, and as part of the award ceremony, will hold a presentation on the assignment.


Deadline for submission of the essay

The essay and summary must be forwarded electronically (via e-mail) by 22 April 2022.