Future Greenland conference postponed until 2022

The Future Greenland conference, which was announced for 18-19 May 2021, is being postponed until 17-18 May 2022.

The Greenland Business Association assesses that there is no prospect of significant changes in the conditions regarding the restrictions and vaccination plans in connection with COVID-19, and that the current restrictions will be an obstacle to the productive running of the conference this year.

A significant part of the value of the Future Greenland conferences lies in the opportunities they provide to meet people and engage in dialogue. This cannot be achieved via a virtual conference, which might otherwise be an alternative. Moreover, a Future Greenland conference must be a conference for all of Greenland, but that is not possible under the current travel restrictions and the ban on participation across municipal boundaries.

The conference in 2022 will be held under the same exciting title: A new growth agenda: What will it take – from vision to action? , and with the same interesting speakers. The Greenland Business Association reserves the right to introduce new, relevant topics that may arise in the coming year, so that an up-to-date and relevant conference can still be held.