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Call for papers – written contributions to the Future Greenland conference

The Greenland Business Association is hereby issuing a call for papers in advance of the business conference Future Greenland 2019, which has been given the title “Economic independence and political autonomy. What will it take?

About the conference

What do the words ‘economic independence’ and ‘political autonomy’ really mean?

What does economic independence mean in an increasingly globalised world, in which the trade of all countries in goods and services and the increasing mobility of labour makes everyone dependent on everyone else, and the giants on the internet cross all borders? What kind of economic growth would be required for the national treasury to be able to manage without external financial support? How large is the welfare gap, with and without block subsidies? How much more skilled and diligent will we all have to be? What conditions will foreign investors impose, if they are to be willing to take on commercial risks?

What does political autonomy mean, if a country cannot be economically independent? What is autonomy in a world of different regional, national security and trade policy interests and alliances? Where can Greenland find its rightful place, with its vast land area, its many unutilised resources and its tiny population? How do we find the right partners, and what alliances should we enter into? Is the Danish Commonwealth in or out, when we speak of political autonomy?

These concepts are often bandied about without any clarity in the public debate, and even if we can more or less agree on what the words themselves mean, what will be really be required, in concrete terms, to allow Greenland to one day declare itself economically independent and politically autonomous?

Progress and prosperity also depend on the degree of commitment invested in the public debate. It is therefore vitally important that the issues in the debate are made concrete and relevant for all of the parties involved. Consequently, the GBA is now inviting interested parties to submit written contributions to the conference.

About the call for papers

A “call for papers” is an invitation to submit written contributions/scientific productions/discussion papers on topics relating to the conference.

A principal objective of the conference is to go a step further on the theme of “effective and legitimate political decisions”. How can we renew and strengthen society’s ways of creating good and effective decisions?

Written contributions to Future Greenland 2019 must therefore in general keep to the theme: Decision-making processes in Greenlandic society – challenges and solutions.

The call for papers has the following deadlines:


* 1 January 2019: Submission of a brief description of the content of the written contribution (max. 300 words)

* 14 January 2019: Confirmation sent of the admission of the written contribution

* 1 April 2019: Submission of the completed written contribution (4-10 pages)

* 1 May 2019: Publication of the written contribution


Written contributions may be submitted in English, Danish or Greenlandic within the outlined deadlines.

The contributor will retain the copyright to the submitted contribution.

The Greenland Business Association reserves the right to use the contribution during the conference.

No financial support will be provided for the production of written contributions.


Contributions should be sent to Erik Holmsgaard: erik@ga.gl