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A new growth agenda: What will it take – from visions to action?


Call for papers – written contributions to the conference

The Greenland Business Association is issuing a call for papers in advance of the Future Greenland business conference, which will take place on 17-18 May 2022 in Nuuk under the heading A new growth agenda: What will it take – from visions to action?


About the conference

With its title, the conference invites presentations and debates on three themes on the two conference days:

1. Constitution – Commonwealth – Security: Influence on the commercial possibilities

With reference to the work of Greenland’s Constitutional Commission and the general security policy development in the Arctic, the 2021 conference will take a closer look at how this affects the relationship between Greenland and Denmark in the Danish Commonwealth. Since the conference in May 2019, Greenland has been on the front pages of the global media: How does this renewed interest in Greenland affect how investors see Greenland? Can we imagine scenarios with multiple business opportunities or constraints? What is going to happen in the Commonwealth?

2. How can new airports become new business opportunities within, for example, tourism and mineral resources?

Greenland’s biggest ever construction project, costing DKK 3.2 billion, was initiated in 2019 with a financial helping hand from the Danish state, and in 2023 two new international airports will open in Nuuk and Ilulissat. That time will arrive quickly, so the big question will be who does what to ensure that we are ready to take advantage of this significant infrastructure improvement to realise the plans for, for example, greater tourism and more mineral extraction – in entirely concrete terms.

Accordingly, key questions at the conference will be: Who currently has investment plans or is in the process of investing? What are the expectations towards the new possibilities that the new infrastructure will create? And how can the Government of Greenland, together with the national parliament, make it attractive to invest in new industries? Do we have an entrepreneurial environment that can see new opportunities and dare to invest in them? Are our legislative and investment conditions up to date and competitive with those of other countries? What potentials and concerns do investors express when they consider choosing Greenland rather than other countries?

3. Labour – Education – Youth

The greatest challenge right now for companies is the growing labour shortage. The public sector, which already employs 40 percent of the workforce, is continuing to expand and increase its competition with the private sector for skilled labour.

If the vision of a stronger and less vulnerable economy is to become a reality, it will require a significantly larger private sector with more companies in new business sectors. That vision will remain an illusion if the necessary labour and skills are absent, and if the public sector continues to grow without the necessary reforms.

Consequently, the Future Greenland conference in 2022 will once again have schools, education and labour recruitment high on the agenda. Business development is not possible without a sufficiently skilled workforce. How do we realise the enormous potential of a better-trained workforce? And how can we improve the quality and output of the education system as a whole?


On the call for papers

Progress and prosperity also depend on the degree of commitment invested in the public debate. It is therefore vitally important that the issues in the debate are made concrete and relevant for all the parties involved. Consequently, the GBA is now inviting interested parties to submit written contributions to the conference.

The call for papers is an invitation to submit written contributions/scientific productions/discussion papers on topics relating to the conference.

The written contributions to Future Greenland 2022 must therefore generally be kept within the conference themes, as described here and in the background description for the conference at: www.futuregreenland.gl

The call for papers for Future Greenland 2022: A new growth agenda: What will it take – from visions to action? has the following deadlines.



  • 1 January 2022 – Submission of a brief description/abstract of the content of the written contribution (max. 150 words)
  • 14 January 2022 – Confirmation of the admission of the written contribution
  • 1 April 2022 – Submission of the completed written contribution (4-10 pages)
  • 1 May 2022 – Publication of the written contribution at www.futuregreenland.gl



Written contributions may be submitted in English, Danish or Greenlandic, within the stated deadlines.

The contributor retains the copyright to the submitted contribution.

The Greenland Business Association reserves the right to use the contribution during the conference, and may invite the submitter to present his or her conclusions.

No financial support will be provided for the production of written contributions.

Please send contributions to Erik Holmsgaard: erik@ga.gl 

For further information on the conference, see: www.futuregreenland.gl