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1. Constitution - Commonwealth of the Realm - Safety: Influencing Business Opportunities

With reference to the work of Greenland’s Constitutional Commission and the development of the general safety policies in the Arctic, the conference will look at how this affects cooperation in the Commonwealth of the Realm.

Greenland has been on the global media’s front pages in recent years. How does the renewed interest in Greenland affect investors’ views on Greenland; are we looking into scenarios with more business opportunities or constraints?


2. How Do New Airports Turn into New Business Opportunities in Areas Such as Tourism and Minerals?

Two new international airports will soon open in Nuuk and Ilulissat, and Greenland must be ready to take advantage of the significant improvement in the infrastructure to realize plans for, among other things, more tourism and business development.

Therefore, a key question at the conference will be identifying who is investing or planning to invest. What are the expectations of the new opportunities created by the new infrastructure? And how can the Greenland Government (Naalakkersuisut) and the Parliament (Inatsisartut) make it attractive to invest in new businesses? Do we have an entrepreneurial environment that can identify and dares to invest in new opportunities? Are our laws and investment conditions up to date and competitive with other countries? Which potentials and concerns do investors identify when they consider choosing Greenland over other countries?


3. Workforce - Education - Youth

Business development is not an option if we do not have enough skilled labor. If the vision of a stronger and less vulnerable economy is to become a reality, it requires a significantly larger private sector with more companies in new business sectors. That vision will remain an illusion if the labor and skills are not there and the public sector continues to grow without the necessary reforms.

Greenland Business Association points to immediate and easier conditions for labor recruitment from both within and outside the EU. Otherwise, the wheels will grind to a halt. However, the only sustainable solution is for a larger proportion of the local workforce to gain the necessary skills through training and education. If this is not achieved, the population will be bystanders to the developments.