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Future Greenland 2022

Katuaq, Nuuk, 17-18 May

A new growth agenda:

What will it take – from visions to action?


Future Greenland 2022 - Greenland’s Largest Business Conference


2022: A New Growth Agenda - What Does It Take - from Visions to Action?
With this title, the business conference was held over two days on May 17 and -18, 2022, at the culture center,
Katuaq in Nuuk. The list of speakers was wide, and topics such as diversity, the Commonwealth of the Realm,
fiscal policy, sustainability, Greenland in 2050, partnerships, tourism, primary schools, and defense and security
were touched upon.

The business conference worked on the premise that visions are healthy for a society, especially if they mean
doing the right things to realize them. The business conference recognized the goal of increased economic
independence for Greenland and tried to provide input on some of the issues that society must address on the
journey towards the realization of the vision.

Presentations and panel discussions were conducted in Greenlandic, Danish, and English, and the entire
business conference was streamed live via KNR, Greenland’s national TV station. 420 people physically
attended the conference itself, which was held in Nuuk. Participants represented nine different nationalities.


The White Paper

This White Paper summarizes some of the conclusions, opinions, and observations made at the 2022 Business
Conference. It targets business actors as well as politicians in Greenland and Denmark. The goal is to contribute
to creating dialogue and to ensure that society has the right framework set up and that we ask ourselves the
right questions in realizing Greenland's vision, which, i.e., is based on increased economic independence.

Read the White Paper here