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A New Growth Agenda: What Does It Take - from Visions to Action?

With this big question as the headline for the 2022 conference, Greenland Business Association wants participants to come up with as concrete answers as possible on what policymakers and the business community need to do together, here and now, to achieve concrete, measurable results: more thriving businesses, a growing private business sector and, not least, more entrepreneurship.

Future Greenland looks ahead and focuses on the many new opportunities facing Greenland, including the importance of the new airports for Greenland’s international accessibility. It is about creating new interest for investments, not only in existing industries but also in tourism and minerals, among others: what are the strategies, the goals, and, not least, the action plans?

On the one hand, the path towards these goals is about ensuring good, stable, and transparent political framework conditions that make it attractive to invest in Greenland. Investors must have confidence in Greenland. In addition, it is a question of more up-to-date business and tax legislation, a well-functioning educational system, etc.

On the other hand, the investors and companies must meet these good conditions with investments in new business activities that make society less economically vulnerable and create more jobs and more tax revenue to pay for the level of public services we want.